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Cattle – Dairy Heifers – KiwiX (81) Waikato – $1775

  • Location Waikato
  • Sex Female
  • Calving Date July 10, 2016
  • Dairy or Beef Dairy
  • Age 2yr
  • BW 180
  • PW 202
  • Number of Animals 81
  • Breed KiwiX
  • Description / Notes

    Quality line of kiwiX in calf Heifers, 81 exceptionally well grown replacements.

    From an established quality herd producing excess 400ms/year on a grass based system.

    All dehorned at 6 weeks
    Regular vaccination and worming as calves.
    Weaned off milk at min100-120kgs.
    BVD Vaccination
    Lepto Vaccination X2
    Cobalex Plus Sel Vaccine
    EBL Status Free
    TB C10
    RA 99%

    PSC 10 July 2016 to Jersey Bull

    All monthly weights and health treatments recorded and available, as well as LIC group profile to genuine buyers.

    Always above target weights/weight gains, target weights at calving of approx 400kg+. Exceptionally well raised animals with the genetics and figures to support.


    Call for further information. Price is per animal(+GST) which includes cartage in the Waikato, Manawatu, Bay of Plenty, Auckland. For sale as a full line only, no splitting. May negotiate, for an earlier delivery date.
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