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Grazing – 150 Ha (Flat) Wellington-Wairarapa – Negotiable

  • Location Wellington-Wairarapa
  • Available area 150 Ha (flat)
  • Available date March 01, 2020
  • Duration 12 months
  • Preferred animals Cows
  • Price Negotiable
  • Available? Occupied
  • Description / Notes

    Our family owns 160Ha of quality grazing land, operating as a cattle breeding and fattening operation. However, we’re no longer in a position to run the farm directly long-term. We’re posting this today to explore our options for long-term partners who might take over direct management. (Is this you?)

    The land is about 1/2 flat and 1/2 rolling hills with reasonably good fencing, water systems, and tracks. The pasture has been well-maintained and we have excellent grass growth each year. We also have a series of barns that can be used, and a brand-new 110HP tractor. We also have a healthy herd of cows of about 150 stock, including 3 prime breeding bulls.

    We are seeking a long-term partner who could take over management of the operation on either a “lease” model (flat fee for land access) or a “share” model (percentage of profits).

    It’s our estimate that the farm is likely too small to be viable as a stand-alone entity. Alignment with a larger operation who can use our farm within a bigger picture is our estimate of the best path forward.

    We are very concerned about the health of our waterways and soil, and would seek to ensure whomever is managing the farm in the future is aligned with values of long-term stewardship. Ideally, we’d align with a partner for many years. We do have a farm house that can be leased for accomodation, or added into the overall deal.

    We are not in a rush on this, but are starting the process of long-term planning.

    If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me (email is best) and we can discuss further.
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